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The Aurora Attracts ET Ship

The Aurora Attracts ET Ship Being on Ship through Robert Shapiro

We are speaking to you from a distant planet in your star system [galaxy.] We have been visiting your planet and shall continue to do so, but we don’t land there. Our vehicles travel near your planet for very specific purposes. We felt it would be polite to let you know that this is the case. We are there to absorb some of the radiation from your planet that we feel was always intended for vehicles such as the ones we use.

These vehicles have on board them part of a mechanism from other vehicles that needs to be reduced in size to improve its function. The part I cannot describe, but when it is exposed to what you call the northern lights, it absorbs the light energy and will shrink. It will shrink to a certain level for its own comfort, and then it will be very stable and easy to transport. When we come, these objects are a bit unwieldy, big, blocky, or awkward. They do not have handles. They are not manufactured. We don’t know where they came from because they were handed down generations ago to our people and to a few other peoples of other planets.

They were once, for lack of a better term, being charged up, but I don’t think electricity has anything to do with it. It may even be a life form; we’re just not sure. However, when they shrink, they gradually emit a certain energy, and as they emit that energy, it helps the mechanism of the vehicle to navigate here and there in the star system [galaxy] that our planets both occupy. Once the items have shrunk, each one remains available for use generally for 100 to 150 years, using your time. Some last longer, and others, shorter.