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Your Creations Are the Answers to Your Desires

Your Creations Are the Answers to Your Desires Mary Magdalene and the Yaheal through Kimberly Powers

Loved ones, it is in your own eyes that relationships exist. February is a time when you view the romance of relationships, so it is a perfect time to experience all relationships in this way. You are one with all things, and how you choose to view any relationship will produce the life in which you experience living.

Yes, many of you have been meeting others if you have allowed yourselves to think about being with another. Many of you have questioned the relationship you are living in: marriages, partnerships, and intimate affairs. You have questioned your true happiness, either living alone or with another. Remember, another does not cause your circumstance of annoyance or joy. You could be seeing your situation or loved one as your object of feeling, but this is merely a reflection of what you are feeling about yourself.

Don't allow yourself to focus on the feelings another evokes or a situation that makes you feel a certain way. Instead, choose to move toward what feels good, what feels happy, what feels like, "Yes, like this" and away from anything that does not feel as you wish. This may seem unreal or not logical to your mind, but your manifestations are so real. Your desires are so easily accomplished now that learning to live through the heart, through feeling, is how you will live the future we are creating with you. You are being shown how easy life is when living through your heart, though love.