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Your Contribution Is Important

Your Contribution Is Important Angels of Light through Thelma Bodnar

As you begin again in this new year, there is a new motivation flowing through each of you. It is indeed a time of renewal, rejoicing, and manifesting your life, dreams, and desires. Your challenges have been completed for 2014, and this new year will again be filled with new challenges. Because you have succeeded in rendering last year's challenges completed, the new year will be easier to maneuver.

Shadows will present themselves, but you are more than capable of seeing through them now. The opposites and dualities are shifting, and as you begin to view all as one, your perceptions of what stands in front of you will undoubtedly be seen as surmountable with little effort on your part. Because you read these words, because you choose to honor yourself, and because you acknowledge the love and respect afforded you by those on either side of the veil, your path is becoming less cluttered with offshoot roads, which will make decisions easier, your choices more effective, and your purpose all the clearer.

We don't want you to assume from all of this that your life will instantly become a bed of roses, for you are aware of the chaos taking place in all areas of the planet. Unless you have closed your eyes and ears to all that is around you, these disruptions are merely an outward cry due to the inner afflictions tormenting the masses. By the time you read this, much of the upheaval of the past few months will have subsided.