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Walk in Empowerment

Walk in Empowerment The Pleiadian Frequencies, the Teachers of Light, Feminine Pleiadian, and Buffalo Calf Woman through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We welcome you, daughters of the stars, daughters of the land, daughters of what is yet to be birthed. We see your beauteous light as it shines brilliantly among the earthen stars. We are the Pleiadian frequencies. We are your future, we are your past, and we are everything in between. You are sculpted from our vibration as we are integrated with yours. We are brothers and sisters of light with nothing between us but pure heart. We see in your life that you have allowed the entanglements of Earth and the dire needs of others to unwrap and unravel you, becoming seamless of purpose and beige of life.

Who you once were and who you will become are dancing partners that have not met. Who you are destined to be cannot be interrupted by your life, your upheavals, or your choices. Each of you is being asked to fully integrate into the fullness of your earthen life — what is unseen possibility, what is healing, what is truth, and what is wisdom received as gifts from your daily encounters.

Each of you unfolds as the origami of your soul expresses new aspects. You have become undone, and in that undoneness, you have seen yourself as she who is sprawled out in the universal frequency, exposed naked and without boundaries. You have seen the possibilities that exist for you as you mourn the loss of another, as you heal an animal, and as you grow weary of your twenty-four-hour day. You mourn who you once were and how much time you had to fill your light needs. You cry to the universe, asking, "What about my lightwork, what about my personal joy, and what about my mission?"