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There Are People on Jupiter!

There Are People on Jupiter! Founder, Zoosh, and Elder of Jupiter through Robert Shapiro

I am one of the Founders.


Thank you. Now, what has happened is that the suffering on Earth became too much; there was too much accumulated suffering, and even though efforts had been made to insulate Earth so that the suffering would not spread, it did anyway. And when the comet struck Jupiter — which by the way, has a significant civilization on it, and the clouds are just masking it so that curious eyes wouldn't (how can we say?) attract visitors — that was it. The damage and the loss of life there was catastrophic. So the planet and the peoples will recover, but it will take a very long time.

What level are they on? They are not on our level of reality, are they?

The level of reality that was affected is the planet you see through your telescopes. That level was affected. Of course, other levels, just like Earth and other planets, were not particularly affected except in the case of Jupiter. The fifth level was also jarred, and there has been reverberations from that. Generally speaking, things like this do not get through to the fifth level, but because it was so unexpected — the comet was not intended to hit Jupiter; it was intended to move through the solar system without hitting anything …

This has never been said before, that there are people on Jupiter.

Well, now I am saying it. That was when the decision was made, then and there. It is one thing for volunteers to say, "All right, we will do this loop of time thing, and we will see whether this whole thing will result in some wonderful gain for the universe." But this spreading of suffering to Jupiter was never intended. These people are not volunteers. It even, as I said, reverberated on the fifth level, and it is still reverberating. And it will take some considerable amount of time or, you might say, experience for that to be alleviated. So you see how it is one thing for people to say, "Yes, we volunteer to be the Explorer Race, and we will put up with 'this,' 'that,' and the other 'thing,'" but these people, none of them volunteered, including the fifth level.