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The Location of the Mind

The Location of the Mind The Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al. through Arthur Fanning

We are going to talk about what is coming toward you that will have an impact on the physical form that you are in. It is going to come and hit you; you are going to feel it out of nowhere. It is already around you, already around you. It is already there. You are walking toward it. You are elevating yourself upward toward it, and it is proceeding toward you and descending itself toward you, and you are going to meet. Some will call it a revelation; others will call it a demonic attack. There will be a lot of confusion, a lot of side taking — this side, that side — and at that point, it is time to become an observer. Move back into the spinal forces; receive peace and clarity as to what is going on.

You have a being — "you" being the collective consciousness of humanity — that has a great disdain for the collective consciousness called humanity, because the collective consciousness called humanity has an opportunity to advance beyond the collective consciousness. This one is caught in it, cannot get out of it, because it manifests it as collective consciousness itself, through it. It is the only thing that it can do. Ignorance is what it is called, actually, yet it thinks it is its wisdom within itself because the human condition doesn't understand this thing called death and itself. You die daily. Your skin sloughs off.

You don't understand the sacred nature of the perpetual vehicle called the consciousness within yourself. There is a vehicle in there. The human walk-around is a cocoon, in a manner, yet you don't have that ability to understand that yet. Metaphysically you do; you have heard it.