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Let Balanced Reciprocity Flow

Let Balanced Reciprocity Flow Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Your month of February 2015 opens with intense emotional energies seeking to let go of limiting past patterns of action, belief, and dogma. The desire is strong to cross the bridge over the abyss of fear into a present that is ever creating the envisioned future. This is a time to seek vibrational harmony with self, others, and the environment around your living quarters or to seek change that facilitates the full expression of the vibrational harmony that is desired. Communication with the soul-heart of self and its honest expression to those around you brings tremendous expansion.

p>As the Cardinal Grand Square continues with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus and the Moon's south node in Aries, the Moon, Kronos, and Hades in Cancer with the Moon's north node in Libra completing the square, the belief in the manifestation of balanced reciprocity between all beings generates flow where this is accomplished and stress where balanced flow is limited or restricted. Connections, partnerships, friendships, and relationships based on balanced reciprocity shall expand, generating greater depth of intimacy and personal freedom within all "inter-actions." Those connections, partnerships, friendships, and relationships born out of need, dependency, or expectation shall change into more empowered partnerships or come to a close. This may be done gently with love, as each member of the human kingdom begins to discover his or her "comfort-zone" depth of balanced reciprocity within the self, life, others, and the world at large.

This sense of "energy push" to discover the harmony vibrational song for each individual shall be enhanced by Jupiter's retrograde motion in Leo (which continues throughout February and March of 2015, ending the first week of April 2015), striving to uncover every facet of truth for each jewel of truth and generating a wide variety of opportunities for expression through the many facets discovered in each jewel of truth, whether that truth is about self and one's human expression on Earth or philosophies, beliefs, frameworks, or expressions. Much of what has been espoused as truth in media, advertising, health and wellness, intentions of governments, countries, and companies, as well as fear propaganda designed to elicit emotional reactions (rather than in the present responses), shall be exposed and seen clearly for what it is designed to be: a creation of separation, disharmony, and division. As more and more members of the human kingdom attune to their inner truth centers rather than being influenced by what appears to be taking place outside themselves, the power of the masses shall coalesce on a wiser plane, expressing itself in ways that prevent manipulation, coercion, or deceit, whether attempted on an emotional, physical, mental/psychic, or spiritual level. Together, setting the butterfly free brings freedom to the spirit that is made manifest on Earth. We Cat Beings are here to assist in this loving process.