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Joy, Oneness, Peace, and Belonging

Joy, Oneness, Peace, and Belonging Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The channeling process is far more common than you know. I know who's here, and there are those in this room right now who know how channeling works. When the healer steps up to the patient, there's a communication. It's channeling, and the healer knows all about it. Sometimes the healer steps aside and in comes the information the healer needs, which is often verified by the innateness of the patient in front of him or her. Then the two of them begin the balance, the dance of energies, and the channeling begins.

Now a healer and a channel have something in common. They are both channeling but in different ways. Healers don't heal. They balance. No Human Being can force healing on another. However, most patients are asking for balance so that they can heal themselves with the assistance of the balancing healer. True healing requires this cooperative process, and what you hear right now is similar. There is balancing energy present within the message being delivered.

The messages I give contain energy, dear ones, and like the healer, there is balance to help clear the way within your thinking process. This clearing may help you make a decision, enabling you to move to a different level of understanding. It's a healing of the mind. This is free choice. Many times, the message is simply the exposure of the energy of truth, ripping away the veil for a moment, which creates balance. So that's what we want to do tonight. This is not a long channeling, but it is one that is profoundly different, for we want to open a subject we don't talk about very often.