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End Times Create a New Beginning

End Times Create a New Beginning Sananda and the Council of 12 through Carolyn Holtgrewe

Greetings, we bring you from worlds and galaxies far, far away! We have traveled through the warp and woof of time and space to give you our message for 2015.

Beloveds, you are thinking that today you are living in a very perilous time indeed in regard to happenings on the Earth plane. We would like to remind you of one peril you may have overlooked, which is perhaps the greatest peril you face in a third-dimensional Earth incarnation: the time you are born and enter into the physical body. You have taken on the agreement to forget who you are — a facet of the great oneness. This is the moment when the door to the memory of who you truly are is closed and you take on the rules pertaining to the physical world. Your soul will continually send you messages and experiences so that you will grow enough spiritually and the door will be opened again. The soul's desire is to have a conscious relationship with you, and to that end, it will keep sending you messages and experiences to allow that connection to be recognized and established.

This is not punishment, as so many humans think; rather, it is the grand opportunity to more sharply explore the third- and fourth-dimensional living arrangements. The precepts, laws, and concepts you so dearly cherish at the higher levels of dwelling often have very different results when applied at the physical level of living. Those results should lead you to rethink and adjust your beliefs.

The year 2015 in particular will bring you a plethora of opportunities for learning and remembering that you and all the varying creations of humanity are really all one. As you view the events taking place on Earth, it is important for each of you to remember that there is no "other," only myriad potentials and results from their implementation. There is the beckoning opportunity for you to accept and internalize this concept. Each and all of you, along with everything you create, are within Creator's great cloak of oneness. You can't escape this because it's who you are.