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Emotions as Signposts

Emotions as Signposts Laarkmaa through Cullen Smith

Last month we shared Laarkmaa's perspective on the power of thought. While thoughts have been described as one of the most potent energies on the planet at this time, we can guide that energy through noticing what we feel. Laarkmaa tells us that emotions are the signposts that guide our thoughts. Following are Laarkmaa's direct words about the truth and power of our emotions.

It is very important for you to know the difference between your natural feeling states and your emotions as well as to remember that the purpose of emotions is to guide you back into harmony when you are out of balance. Emotions are meant to be used to remind you of the reality of who you are. Nature and harmony flow with the universal energies of love, joy, trust, and compassion, which are not emotions; these are natural states of being within the universe. Your natural state has been eroded by a toxic environment in a world of duality where you have been trained to look at opposites through an attitude of conflict and competition rather than with cooperation and appreciation. An environment of constant competition promotes a continual fear that you are not good enough and a belief that if you are not good enough, you will not be loved. This type of faulty thinking can do nothing but poison humanity.

The state of love and acceptance is a state of nontoxicity, a state of being in the flow with nature and the universe. Your natural feeling state lives within your heart. Feelings from your heart guide your relationships, for they teach you how everything is connected and related. When you are feeling love, trust, harmony, compassion, peace, and joy, you are aware of your true nature and your connection to all. And this is your natural birthright.