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The Elemental Kingdom

The Elemental Kingdom The Peacemakers through Greg Branson

We are concerned that many people have quite serious misconceptions about the subtle planes of existence (which are home to many fabulous beings, such as angels and unicorns) and how they should be related to in these modern times. Most pagans contacted them — the English Druids certainly did, as did the Neo-Platonist Greeks. The latter is well recorded, and some of those ideas were adopted by Christian adherents but were altered to serve a power agenda. Applying those concepts to the context of good and evil unbalances the ability to effectively relate to that world. However, this distorted understanding does give undiscerning seekers a lot of entertainment and to some writers on these subjects, a very lucrative living.

The elemental kingdoms are on a plane without a solid foundation. There is no physical earth, only very fluid energies that need to be focused and directed. It complements your physical plane in something of the same way as when you are playing the white notes on a piano, they are playing the black.

It is important to know that those who incarnate there have bodies that in no way resemble your own. The essence of a rock is unlikely to be a wizened little chap sitting on a toadstool. They work with energies in patterns and formations that dovetail with your physical reality. It is the realm that includes the elementals, and like all worlds, it has layers ascending in frequency as evolution proceeds within it. The heaviest are the gnomes, who often live within rock and crystal formations. Because they have only the earth element to work with, their world is a very restricted one.