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The E-Family Steps Up

The E-Family Steps Up The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from Home. I am so overjoyed to be with you these days, to share with you what is coming for humanity. Dear ones, it is amazing where you have taken this beautiful game of pretending to be a human and what you have each worked with individually as well as collectively.

We have just returned from a large gathering where the E-Family came together for their next set of instructions: ideas of what is coming and the roles they can play. Of course, not all of you were in attendance; it would have been a very busy place if you had been. Let us recap and share some of the more important notions of why you are here as a collective of humanity.

The Seven Clans of the E-Family Vibration

First of all, you are part of a rather large family. Many of you know that and feel it deep within your hearts. You may have different words that you use depending on who you have awakened to, which books you are reading, and what you are following. It makes no difference, dear ones, for it is the feeling of family that we want you to grasp.