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Demand Coherent Alignment

Demand Coherent Alignment Khiiii Khaaaum through Laura Pieratt

This light collective was reluctant to offer a name, but when I asked their purpose, they said the following:

We are a collective of lightbearers. We are peacekeepers. We are unified fields of light. We keep, mold, manage, and restore peace where it has gone awry. It is our mission to regain the balance through thought forms and light fields in creation flows. We align with truth and light as substances of the matrix of creative energy. It is our purpose to unfold new plans of light into old paradigms such that they cohere and unify around the basic principles of creation. It is our intent to support such unfolding dynamics of light field potentials for greater unification and harmony as expressions of divine truth.

When I asked again for a name or sound vibration representing them as a collective, I got the sound "Khiiii Khaaaum" spoken with elongated breathy sounds.

Cultivating Feeling States to Restore Inner and Outer Balance

You are moving to a point of supreme reliance on trust and love as the core nature of our being. What then does that mean? What flows from such an aligned being that could not flow from people in discord?

To begin with, you are engaged in a truism, like the chicken or the egg. What comes first, alignment or truth? You see, until you are aligned in truth, you will think that which you are aligned with is truth. As such, you will constantly be in a battle over whose truth is the truth. Do you see how this might lead to separation and violence, as it has for millennia?