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Cosmic Consciousness and a Sense of Scale

Cosmic Consciousness and a Sense of Scale Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. With these words, we acknowledge the perceived separation that many in the family human possess. Yet you comprehend the ability to communicate with one another from points at a great distance from each other on the planet. In some cases, it is a simple and an accepted reality through the use of technology. Why, then, doubt the ability to communicate using only what energies you inherently possess?

Can you truly contact beings who are not physical? To do so, a being must first allow a broader perception of the universe.

Communication with Beings beyond the Physical Realm

As spiritual beings, we are drawn to the peculiarity of this communication, this channeling of our thoughts into words. Humans who accomplish this type of communication must overcome the notion that we are at some distant place. In the physical realm, you exist without the ability to fully comprehend the universe as it truly is as a dimensional entity beyond the three and the four dimensions that are often imagined. Because of this, it can seem that there is some distant place for beings in the spirit realm to dwell. Yet the spirit realm is a place where you also exist, where we exist — where everything exists. It is only in the lower-vibrational realms that you are unable to perceive what is happening in a realm of higher vibration: a realm of light, certainly, but more than light, beyond light.

This "realm of light beyond light" is where energy exists at its primary nature and is manipulated easily and often. Yet at the lower vibration, where you exist, it seems as if energy is not manipulated as easily. The perception you might have, then, is not that energy cannot be manipulated but that it is a time-based action for you beings that inhabit a physical body, a lower-vibrational body that is in a lower-vibrational world within a solar system that consists of mass and gravities. That is where you currently exist. In that lower-vibrational realm, most life does not try to manipulate energy. But you do.