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Birthing and Igniting the New Species Heart

Birthing and Igniting the New Species Heart The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

As divine humans "midwifing" your own new-species baby-spirit heart, you must rest, feed conscious light to the new-essence baby-spirit heart, sing to it, and nurture it, just as you would in any pregnancy. In your amniotic heart sac, you cannot release the final bubble membrane into particle light until the fetus is fully grown into the new-species being template you created. Each master has his or her own unique inception and delivery blueprint. As you incubate and birth this new baby spirit, you will release the final membrane around the bubble. This membrane magnetizes the conscious water to move from its crystalline stem cell into liquid plasma light to birth a new dark/quantum essence matter heart stem cell that ignites your conscious love to become your own fully conscious creator in a new prototype of a divine human as a quantum creator.

You are held in zero-point stasis until the soul has been birthed outside of polarity programming, time, and human mind, having integrated and dissolved your story of suffering, death, disease, human mind, and distorted, negative, synthetic feelings in DNA ancestral memory. This holds the wisdom of having been everywhere, everyone, and everything in all that you learned from all-experiencing of love and antilove, such that you might understand conscious choice or free will, where the heart knows itself through the unique direct experience of the soul.


Stability of your shifting consciousness comes as all your aspect selves from the original twelve rays of light that acted as different identity aspects commune as one. They return, guided by you as the anchor to natural organic conscious love that is known and has been lived! You explain the new feelings they are having (since they share your body essence), give updates or cancelation of any timelines completed from parallel lives, or receive transmissions of how they can better serve you. In creating and birthing this new essence matter soul, any separation is dissolved among all fourteen light-spectrum membrane layers in the bio-light bubble, which has integrated all parallel or dimensional selves in your own cosmic group or new divine full-spectrum self.