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Becoming the Living Light

Becoming the Living Light Virginia Ellen

We are in the midst of the most amazing journey of becoming the living light. I will be sharing wisdom on your lightbody and what to feed it and how to feed it. It will also cover how to prepare your physical body to activate your light and your sacred seals that Jesus gave to us.

You will be given information of the science of the body and the brain-body and light connection. The teachings will include the important role the nervous system plays as the distributor of light from the body to the brain and what the nervous system needs to be an effective messenger and distributor of your light.

Life Is Sacred Energy

We are first going to talk about what the lightbody is. I know you've heard about lightbodies, as they have been referred to for years and years. What is your lightbody? Your lightbody is life; it is energy. The energy that is in your body that keeps you alive can be called chi, life force, light, or spirit. All of this is correct. It has many names in different traditions and cultures. Jesus spoke in the Aramaic language, and the correct interpretation of life is energy in his native tongue of Aramaic.