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Be a Peace-Commanding Presence on Earth

Be a Peace-Commanding Presence on Earth Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters through Star Hinman

Jeshua (Jesus): For those of you on Earth, the message from all of us in the ascended realms of truth and love is this: You have the power to shift Earth from a planet of fear and violence to one of love for your fellow human beings simply by being who you really are — a peace-commanding presence on Earth — and by shining your light and using your God-given abilities of love, wisdom, and power to command peace to all beings on Earth at this important time in the evolution of your planet.

You, the chosen ones — not by some outside force or master, but by your inner heart call to serve the light as long as you are in physical embodiment — are to do this work for Earth. Yes, to all outer appearances, Earth is a dark and dangerous place, but this is only because the immense light that you are and that resides in your hearts has not yet been fully released onto the Earth plane reality.

But it is happening! Never doubt this for an instant, and never doubt the immense power of the love within you to transform all outer forms and appearances into the higher levels of reality that now exist within them. Yes, this exists now! It is waiting to be called forth by the love of your heart and through the dedication of your mind and your will to perform this sacred service for Earth. Within each atom, electron, and molecule of life, existing in its sacred fire core, is the divine blueprint of fifth-dimensional perfection. You are powerful beyond your knowing, dearest ones, when your heart, head, and hands are all aligned toward one common purpose. Then you become chalices of the light on Earth to benefit humanity and, indeed, all life on this blessed planet.