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The Awakening of the Aquarian Christ

The Awakening of the Aquarian Christ Mary, Mother of Compassion through Judith K. Moore

I am Mary, the Mother of Compassion. I am the Mother of the Christ who comes now to Earth and flows through your heart and through the very essence of your light as the Aquarian Christ. When I lived on Earth in the body of a woman, I embodied all of the elements of mercy and compassion. And borne of that age to me, the Son of Light was a Piscean Christ. The Piscean Christ was born and ushered in the end of the Piscean Age. Now, as you enter the Aquarian Age, the power of the Aquarian Christ is awakened within your hearts, the very soil of the earth and the waters of life of this blue-green planet.

I ask you now to open to the power of the Aquarian Christ and the return of the Christ consciousness through the immortal soul of humanity and the soul of this sweet mother planet. Your Earth is trembling with the power of transformation. There are forces of change at work in your world that rise up with great adversity and chaos, for it shatters the illusion of reality as you have known it. Every moment of existence on this planet is now an opportunity to experience the mastery of love and the power of faith and to abide by the law of universal oneness, which is love.

Open Your Hearts

You are called as a community of light to open your hearts to a greater power of compassion than you have ever known, for the power of compassion is the elixir of sweet light that brings order to chaos, balance to disharmony, and forgiveness to the unforgiveable. Before you now, you face the greatest challenge and opportunity that humanity has ever faced. And you, the sons and daughters of light, step forward as witnesses to the miraculous rose light — the light of compassion that flows through your hearts and fills the world with light — for you are the emissaries of light. You are graced with the seeing and the knowing of a dream of the New Earth, and you feel this dream call you.