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Ask to Feel the Benevolence Behind Creation

Ask to Feel the Benevolence Behind Creation Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and I am in service to each of you and all. Each of you are feeling a huge shift — are you not? — within your own beings. No one is immune to the changing perceptions that all are being asked to observe. The old way of forcing life on Earth is coming to a close, but in looking at your media, one would think that the exact opposite is happening. I want you to breathe with me for a moment a conscious breath that asks you to feel into the deeper truths of what transpires on Earth.

Hearts are opening, dear ones. How do you know they are opening? Feel into the conscious web of compassion that surrounds Earth. It is growing each day. True, indeed, there is much strife and mayhem going on around the planet, but there is a difference now.

Tensions and inequities that have been ignored in the past as unsubstantial are now front and center in the media. How does protesting against years of violence change anything? It raises consciousness and causes more and more people to ask questions that have been ignored for decades if not centuries. The difference this time around is that those voices cannot be ignored and silenced. Causes are being trumpeted across the globe because of the Internet. It is no longer easy to keep secrets and to force a superior will onto what might be considered as the inferior will. This is how consciousness rises. Ideas change, and they spur more cooperation. It demands that all are treated equal. Do not be afraid when it seems as if the world as you know it is imploding on every side, for it is. The old systems must give way for the new to take root. It is perfect in its process, and it will continue to unfold.