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The Ascension Pathway (2015-2022)

The Ascension Pathway (2015-2022) The Cosmic Essene Brethren through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

We begin with the reminder of that with which we have shared before: "And when the summer of moons completes its cycle for the planet and the illusion becomes thick, it is then that the window of the energies of the divine within will open as a gateway to the beauty and divinity that is the birthright of all beings." Beloved angels of peace, love, and joy, we hail to thee and offer to thee the remembrance of your journeys through the expression of your divine selves! This gateway is enhanced through the blessing of your choice of the remembrance. This gift is one that all souls bring forward as their hearts are present and their timing ready.

There Is Only Choice

For more than two millennia, this world of densified illusion has come forward to challenge, awaken, and excite the deeper cosmic knowing that rests within the heart and soul of all. Your choices of lifetimes of this experience are yours to now culminate with joy and recognition. This is the moment that your soul has come to this beloved Gaia to remember!

Begin with the divine knowing that each and every being who has chosen to incarnate on this planet is here by choice. There is only choice, and there are many worlds to choose from. However, this world is the world of extraordinary mastery, as all forms of experience are fully manifest here. The divine cocreative energy of the vast diversity of the soul is a great blessing that few choose to reclaim and remember — until now!