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Accelerated Species of Creation

Accelerated Species of Creation Arcturian through Abby Isadora Haydon

The new directions for humankind will begin to manifest during this year of 2015. We have come to keep you abreast of the changes that are beginning to happen to your physical form and to your mental and intellectual bodies.

Physiological Evolution

Through many different combinations of influences, your planet is now ready to evolve at a faster rate. The changes that we have discussed regarding new additions to your body may seem a bit startling. You must accept that your physical form must evolve if your species is to survive the many changes that are coming in the next twenty years.

Many of these changes are subtle and will happen gradually over time. The changes will not be noticeable for three more generations. The changes are coming to help you accelerate the course of action that your species has embarked on in the past two decades. The acceleration in the use of computers and other forms of technology has created a need to change the physiology of your species.