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Your Soul Group and Soul Family

Your Soul Group and Soul Family Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

Blessings, beloved ones. This is Mary Magdalene here with you again. I am so happy to have this opportunity to communicate with people and to answer their questions.

As you know, it is my great, great passion to help people with their spiritual growth. The truth is that your spiritual growth is reflected in all the parts of your life. So if there is any part of your life in which you are having a challenge or want help with, that is actually part of your spiritual path and your spiritual growth. Those are all arenas in which I love to offer help, to bring my blessing and my point of view forth to support all of you.

The Preparation for Change

As I have said before, you are in a wonderful moment right now. Youメre on the precipice of great change, great growth. I think many of you are already seeing the signs in your world that this is so. Some of those signs feel wonderful and beautiful. Your life may seem easier and more blessed. Things may be flowing in a more beautiful way, so it feels like youメre more connected to Spirit, more in the flow of life, and doing the work you came to do.