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Your Next Bold Move

Your Next Bold Move Wendy Capland

You feel it, donメt you? The yearning to achieve something that seems so much bigger than you are. The desire to answer your soulメs call for purpose and fulfillment. Can you feel it coming? Itメs the bold move that will undoubtedly change your life in the best ways possible. Weメve all experienced the sensation of standing at the edge of something big — very big! The first step is recognizing that you are enough and that because you are enough, you have all the power you need to manifest and express your full potential.

But how do you figure out what it is you truly want? My journey began when I woke up one day feeling dissatisfied and unsure of what I wanted and what my life was supposed to be. On the outside, I had it all: a supportive husband, loving children, and a successful business under my belt. Everything was fine, but suddenly fine wasnメt good enough anymore, and I couldnメt figure out why.

All I knew is that something inside shifted, and I craved more. And so my search began: in quiet reflection, in talking with my coach, and in long talks with my girlfriends over a cup of tea. I started to really listen to the things coming out of my mouth. I would hear myself say something and think, モHmm. This is actually really important to me,ヤ or モWow, why is my self-talk so negative?ヤ These slow-trickling realizations helped me realize that the woman I wanted to be, the things I wanted to accomplish, and the life I wanted to live have been here all along waiting for me to wake up and do something about it. The real changes began happening when I started using my gifts and talents in new ways, loving myself and believing that I was good enough. Suddenly, the path I was walking was much brighter, and I couldnメt help but feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.