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Your Darkest Moment Could Be the Beginning of Your Life Change

Your Darkest Moment Could Be the Beginning of Your Life Change Mark Bowness

Crash! Bang! Reality. As I woke up, a dark, misty haze swirled around my mind. The moment that I recognized that I was in a hospital bed, the events of the past twenty-four hours came flooding through my mind. I had tried to take my own life. At the age of twenty-six, my marriage had ended, and along with it, the nonprofit organization that I had worked so passionately to grow was pulled from under me. At that moment in time, living ceased to be an option.

After a seven-year relationship, my wife had walked out of the door, never to return. And as I sat in our apartment, surrounded by everything we had built together, the future looked dark and overwhelming. It was a future that I was certain I was not willing to endure. I turned to Google and typed in the words モmost painless and quickest way to kill myself.ヤ

I will always maintain that my attempt at wiping my existence off the face of the planet was the best thing to happen to me; it totally changed my life. Whether itメs the end of a relationship, the struggle to get a job, or an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and lack of direction, we all experience dark moments in life. It is these most difficult times that can turn out to be the most profound. Let me share with you four ways that your darkest moments could be the making of your life, should you choose to see this as a new doorway.