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You Are Always Connected to Source

You Are Always Connected to Source All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

This information need not include too much verbiage. It is a universal truth; therefore, it is simple. All spiritual truths are simple. Of course, it is the mental portion of your wonderful beings that complicates and convolutes information.

Now, we tell you that the following is the way — the method, the process — that causes all of you to be connected to one another and to us. No matter what you have been told in the past or how your mental portion may attempt to convince you of its invalidity, it is true. Please take this information into account as you meditate and continue to synchronize yourself with the other portions of your known and unknown universes.

Your soul/spirit is already fully aware of what we are giving you now. The information that we set forth here is the single key to raising your personal vibration and coming into full knowledge of who and what you are. It is the key that opens the gate to the estate of the soul in which we dwell. It makes it possible for you to begin to use the other keys given to you to open the other doors of the mansion of the known and unknown universes.