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Working toward an Abundant World for All Planetary Citizens: Are You Up to the Task?

Working toward an Abundant World for All Planetary Citizens: Are You Up to the Task? Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

I greet you, beloved students, in the freshness of 2014. I trust you all sense a bit of an energetic shift from 2013 as you awaken to new possibilities, new sources of inspiration, and even new realities. The new year already offers much to explore at both personal and global levels, so take advantage of the creative opportunities now arising for deeper understanding of the many mysteries of life. May each of you open to immeasurable blessings this year, and may humanity come to fully embrace the Divine Feminine.

As we have previously noted, you live in a time of highly potentiated collective creativity. You may discover several points during the coming year at which you will choose to shift your path a bit to the right or to the left as you negotiate the intricate surprises it presents. You will want to be fully present and mindful as you make your way through a maze of new energies, as well as the disruptions and distractions that are likely to arise. Pay attention to the new wrinkles and folds you encounter, contemplate how your journey reflects the evolutionary journey of humanity, and enter the field of the collective planetary movement with grace and a little wide-eyed wonder.

The Power of the Divine Feminine: モPower For,ヤ Not モPower Overヤ

Certainly, one of the more exciting collective cocreations in progress is discerning new meanings for old concepts. I think you can all agree that many of the collectively held mental constructs that took root in the Piscean Age are in need of some redefinition. This is particularly true for the ideas and notions that have proven antithetical to the realization of the Divine Feminine. Let me give you an example.