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Unified Field Theory and Planetary Healing

Unified Field Theory and Planetary Healing Juliano, the Arcturians, and Chief White Eagle through David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. I would like to look at this concept known as the unified field theory. As you know, modern physics has looked for a theory that will explain everything that is occurring in the manifested world. The conflict emerged when they discovered that the microscopic, or subatomic, world does not seem to follow the same rules and regulations as the outer, exterior world.

How Can You Use Spiritual Energy to Accelerate Your Ascension?

I want to compare the material world to the spiritual world and to ask this question again with reference to the interaction of the spiritual world with the material world. Specifically, what is the relationship between the spiritual world and the material world? How does spiritual energy affect material outcomes?

It must be shown that there is a relationship between spirituality and the material world, and it must be shown how, when one is using the proper principles of spirituality, those principles can be used to modify, improve, and expand the material world. This problem and its solution are extremely important. All of you at this very moment are struggling with the question of how this material mess that Earth now finds itself in can be resolved. How is it that spirituality can heal Earth? What rules and laws of spirituality can be applied to ensure that Earth is healed and brought into a balance?