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Understanding Angels

Understanding Angels The White Light Angels through Jill Harrison

Blessings! We are the White Light Angels. We come today to explain the true nature and role of angels. As angels, we have no form; we are not defined by shape, size, or consciousness. Our role, since creation, has been to take whatever form is required to help maintain energy balance within the universes.

How We Connect to and Work with Humans

Although it may be hard for you to understand with your human consciousness, as angels, we are pure light. Therefore, we never incarnate into human flesh. We can manifest ourselves to look human, but we do not ever incarnate and enter the physical realm through the process you know as birth. We are balanced male and female energies. We do not choose any one particular form. This is why sometimes humans will perceive us as female, and at other times, they will perceive us as male. We are, in truth, both.

The human mind tries to rationalize things. Therefore, depending on your preferences of gender, you will see, feel, or hear us as male or female. We are created to keep a constant connection between the human plane and the spiritual plane. We are the intermediaries who refine vibrations within the universes and take care of physical world realities.