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Transmute Your Fear into the Love That You Are

Transmute Your Fear into the Love That You Are Amma through Cathy Chapman

My dear ones, I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother.

You Are Love, and Nothing Can Change That

You were conceived from the mind of the God most high. You were intentionally brought into being, no matter the circumstances of your physical birth this lifetime. You are precious in every way. You are divine in your essence. You are beloved every instant of every moment of your existence.

These are not just words on paper. They are words I am writing in your heart. They are imprinted on the retina of your eyes. They are encoded in each protein of every part of your DNA. Every neutron, every electron that whirls around the nucleus of every atom of your physical self and your energetic self is singing the love the God most high has for you.