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A Time to Assess Your Spirituality

A Time to Assess Your Spirituality Michelle Karén

Mercury turns retrograde on Thursday February 6 at 1:43pm until Friday, February 28 at 6:00am between 3?18ᄡ Pisces and 18?10ᄡ Aquarius. Its shadow period remains until March 20. Mercury retrograde periods are always wonderful for reconnecting with old friends, visiting places we havenメt seen in a while, and remembering projects that had been collecting dust. During the next three weeks, we are concerned with oneness, the mystical dimension of life, and a deeper understanding of our spiritual roots. After February 12, humanitarian endeavors could occupy our minds, as well as unusual thoughts, connections with extraterrestrial forces, and inventions that help people live better lives. We are likely to attract original people who bring a wind of freedom.

Jupiter continues retrograde this whole month between 16?03ᄡ and 12?17ᄡ Cancer. Its shadow period remains until June 2, 2014. This is an important period to tap into our deeper resources to create the money we need. We are constantly reminded that money doesnメt come from a person or a job; rather, it comes directly from the Divine and the way we feel about abundance. We could be called to go through our closets and give away what we no longer need or like so that it can benefit someone else. We could remember a project that has been collecting dust that has great lucrative potentials. February is a month to continue being generous both with what we have and who we are.