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The Third Realm in the Cosmic Spiral of Evolution: Imagination and Refracted Light

The Third Realm in the Cosmic Spiral of Evolution: Imagination and Refracted Light Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

In this third exploration of the realms of light, the various arms of the spiral of evolution, we recognize that each of these arms is actually just a different point of view. Each of these realms of light is just an arbitrary way of distinguishing a certain slice from another slice of the totality. When you allow this information and energy to come into your being and take you out of your usual thought processes, your usual stories, your habitual ways of operating in relative reality, it can sometimes have enormous impact.

As you go about your daily life, something may occur that will remind you that everyone and everything is all a part of the totality. This awareness and deeper sense of all — one life — is often the result of loosening up your usual point of view and shifting it to something different — a point of view that enables you to experience things with some novelty or creativity. Novelty and creativity are the antithesis of habit; they are the counterpoint to those energies and dynamics that tend to keep us stuck.

So weメre really talking about a different quality, one of coming into a place of knowing who you are. We are speaking about the realization that while you may never be able to articulate who you are — and you may never even have a glimpse of who you are — who you are is probably not really who you usually think you are. In fact, staying engaged in some identification of self that is your default is probably going to get in your way.