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The Temple of the Mind

The Temple of the Mind Isis through Beverley Bright Star

What I want to talk to you all about today is the importance of understanding a bit more about how the mind works and functions on an etheric basis, as this is rarely stressed.

The Three Phases of the Etheric Mind

When I was in my initiatory training in Atlantis, we were taught about how to view the etheric mind in its three phases, although the mind is actually a single unit in space-time. When we are talking about the three phases of the mind, we mean that the mind goes through different learning phases after incarnation into this life.

As a child, your mind is in a basic phase mode. The etheric brain functioning of a little child remains in this first phase from the time when they are first born up until about the age of six or seven years, depending on the child. Then the childメs brain goes into what we call a secondary phase in which more complex ideations and the qualities of the emerging soul can be enveloped, or housed. Then, at approximately the age of eleven to thirteen, the tertiary, or main, phasing takes place. All of the previous lifetimes that the soul has chosen to work on in this particular lifetime come in at this point. This phasic part of the etheric brainメs development is commenced at this time, and it begins its upward climb with you moving ever closer to that goal of ultimate reality with the Godhead, hopefully sometime in your lifetime or near its end.