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Taking Your First Steps to Intergalactic Freedom

Taking Your First Steps to Intergalactic Freedom Andaba and the Infinite Zone through Abby Isadora Haydon

Through the windows of time, we have come to speak to you. We are able to communicate due to the clearing of the psychological debris that has circled your planet for thousands of years. We are the Andaba, an ancient group of space travelers. We are able to come to this time and space due to the fact that much of the haze of trauma that encircles your Earth has been cleared.

You Have Cleared the Debris from Earthメs Energy Fields

You are all to be congratulated. You have all done a great job of clearing the debris from your energy fields. We can see this by looking at the energy rings that surround your planet. These rings have been very thick — so thick that many did not dare communicate. The thickness and the confusion that is in the minds and energy fields of the people on your planet are reflected by the fields of energy that surround your planet.

You have heard the expression モas above, so below.ヤ This means that what the inhabitants of your planet think and feel is imprinted in energy bands that encircle this planet. It is the same with all planets that support life. The group consciousness of the beings on the planet is encased in the energy fields around the planet. This is how advanced space travelers can tell if a world is in harmony with their own nature.