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Starting December 26, 2013, a Life Spark of Another Self Is Awakening within You

Starting December 26, 2013, a Life Spark of Another Self Is Awakening within You Aide to Gabriel through Arthur Fanning

What we have now, weメre having a contest between spiritual forces on your planet right now: force against force. The confrontation of spirit within and without the physical body is the recognition of more, something more than yourself. Iメll start with how to communicate with the bones — the bones: your structure that holds the flesh upright or supports the flesh in a manner. The dignity within that system, the bones, has been forgotten, and thatメs where your blood comes from.

Now, my physiology is necessary for the inner construct of what is termed the first mystery within the self. The first mystery without the self, outside of the self, is the mystery that looks at the inside of the self, developing, learning, and understanding the mystery of the self within — the symbology, the temple of yourself. Yet the construct of it has been forgotten: How do you do it? How do you wake up in the morning? By alarm? Now, is the body still there? The consciousness, the movement, now — because consciousness is movement — is the joy of time, really. Whatever it is, because time is a life: The point in time is the life. The point in time is the recognition of life as it is understood within the form. The breath is the force that has acknowledgment of the consciousness when it returns, the desire to continue within the continuum of time to understand the construct of how youメre managing to be here as a self.

This is all a process of self-enlightenment as you walk the planet, no matter where you are. Because youメre learning something, youメre learning correct posture, movement, and peace, or youメre learning what is not correct posture and peace, because youメre damaging your own form. This is why there are so many offerings by others to fix yourselves, fix the self of you, your construct, your body. They know more, they say. But it is your form, your construct, your thought process, and your breathing the streams of consciousness of air. Whatever thought stream you are in is a reflection of the time, the impression of it.