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Shamanic Wisdom: The Shamanic Use of Effigies

Shamanic Wisdom: The Shamanic Use of Effigies Jan Engels-Smith

Effigies have been a part of many cultures even up to contemporary times. To モburn someone in effigyヤ refers to creating a physical likeness of a person for the purpose of denigrating the individual. Figures ranging from unpopular politicians to losing football coaches have been disparaged by being subjected to this communal ritual. Effigies have also been created to honor people, as in effigies that adorn the covers of caskets of royalty and literary figures. Ancient cultures also created effigies that represented gods and spiritual beings, and it is in this context that we find the shamanメs special use of the effigy.

The Spiritual Allies of the Shaman

Shamans have been known throughout time to have supernatural healing abilities and other preternatural capacities. The shaman draws his or her power from a direct link to power allies across many dimensions and in many different realities.

As humans, we often find ourselves limited by the confines of our normal reality and therefore seek to gain wisdom, strength, and support from the spirits we connect to in alternate realities. These connections allow each of us to find greater fulfillment and the capacity to move beyond the artificial limits that our culture seeks to impose on all of us.