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The Seasons, the Hemispheres, the Environment, and Self-Care

The Seasons, the Hemispheres, the Environment, and Self-Care Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

As scientists of your planet and humankind, we have found you to be very interesting and humorous creatures. Please do not misunderstand; we find great pleasure in observing you and examining the unique way you process life and situations in your minds and reflect it back into your environment. You have ordered your lives and your environments into categories and organized structures that are not dissimilar to our form of organizing but considerably more linear.

You have created names and directions for your world, and this is the time when those of you who live in what you call the Northern Hemisphere of your planet are experiencing the onset of winter. Most of you who are hearing and reading this are in that area.

We want to help you understand some of the values of change that you have lost through your recent past generations. We want to help you regain some of the lost arts of connecting and communicating with Pachamama that can assist you in these changing times. As your Earth scientists become more aware of and do research on these themes, you will have validation for what we are going to share with you.