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Preparing the Human Kingdom for New Energies

Preparing the Human Kingdom for New Energies Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

February brings with it the energies of the passion fire initiation. Traditionally, your February is considered the month of love when red hearts are used in decoration everywhere. A new feeling energy is grounded during February 2014 as the asteroid Admetos in Taurus comes into exact opposition to Saturn in Scorpio. We Cat Beings shall act as facilitators during this time to assist in the dismissing of old, fear-based energies through transformation, transmutation, or elimination [departure].

Interdimensional portals are opening to reach a peak during the full moon on February 14, 2014 — your Valentineメs Day. It is time now for the red heart to heal all old wounds throughout lifetimes and discover the green healing energies in the flow of the figure eight of balanced reciprocity in all that is related to, interacted with, and emotionally experienced.

The veils of illusion — whether self-created or perpetuated by fear and limitation due to false beliefs — shall begin dissolving in order to bring clarity of vision during the coming months of 2014 and into 2015. All kingdoms are preparing to dream the dream awake as the vision holders come forth, holding the perfected vision of what is possible by making way for the solid anchoring of this vision into physical space-time reality beginning November 2015. By connecting to the heart of the mother of all creation and linking with the sphere of all possibilities, every member of the human kingdom shall begin developing his or her own creative expression of the perfected vision individually and for all living beings.