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The Mysterious Innate

The Mysterious Innate Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner steps aside, but heメs still connected. We have said it before: This process called channeling is not a takeover. Channeling is a meld with permission, an agreement with the consciousness of the Human Being, along with his own higher self. This meld agreement is not hard to make as long as the reality box of belief and tradition allows for it. If you have been taught that this process is not appropriate, then itメs difficult to channel. So a great deal of my partnerメs ability to channel is that he knows that it is real and feels the peace about it.

Channeling requires training and practice to the point at which it slowly becomes comfortable. Itメs a beautiful モplaceヤ where the Human Being can sit and just be for a few moments as the information is delivered without the intellect involved. My partner becomes a translator. He takes nonlinear quantum information from my side of the veil and creates a linear stream into his cultural language. This has taken him years. Itメs a learned process.

The filters that my partner has in his mind have been developed by the box of his tradition and upbringing. This becomes his way of life and then has to be set aside for the channeled message to become succinct and as complete as possible. These messages must be delivered in a way that will make sense to Humans, as much as possible, without Human bias.