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Living through the Lens of Love

Living through the Lens of Love The Sage Council through Jonni Gray & Cheryl Rose

We wish to talk of the practical application of living through the lens of love. Many of you have integrated love into your physical bodies, into your energy fields, and into your daily lives. And many of you are still working to maintain a more consistent level of love being evident in your daily lives.

A Tremendous Portal of Love Is Opening

We are gathered to share with you the tremendous portal of love that is opening, opening, opening in the universe for planets such as Earth and for those who are on the planet at this time. We ask you to live as integrated beings with the dominant awareness of the matrix love-filled universe.

When we say モdominant awareness,ヤ we mean that your thought patterns, your thought waves, and your thought energy goes to the dominant love field prior to any earthly thought that follows the love thought. We realize this may sound esoteric and difficult for some, but you are ready to embody, to live, and display the ability to filter human thoughts through the matrix love energy field.