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How Does Love Enhance Your Experience of Wholeness?

How Does Love Enhance Your Experience of Wholeness? Stephanie Clement

Have you ever wondered why Valentineメs Day falls in mid-February? Generally, the Tibetan or Chinese New Year begins around this time. In northern climates, trees and vines have responded to the increasing light of the Sun, and sap has started to flow, invigorating the environment with the power of new growth. Light demonstrates its power over everything in our lives, including romance.

The tarot speaks to issues of love at every level of our beings. Questions range from モDoes he love me?ヤ to モHow can I enrich my life with spiritual love and compassion?ヤ Timing is another key tarot question for many people.

This month I want to focus on the capacity to love and the dynamics of true compassion. Recent times have brought a rather dismal outlook to our lives, and now is the moment to change all that. We need to redirect our energies to increase love and compassion in our lives. The sixth card of the major arcana in the Brotherhood of Light tarot provides one way to analyze our alternatives. This card relates closely to the planet Venus. In addition, we will consider two other cards: the Ace of Coins and the Four of Swords, which relate to Venusメs signs of Libra and Taurus.