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Honoring the Poetry of Your Pain

Honoring the Poetry of Your Pain Simion through Amariah Mara

We are Simion, the evolutionary collective. If you go to one of your modern doctors of medicine and report an illness, they will likely tell you it is caused by microscopic germs, a virus, a genetic defect, your diet, or maybe an accident that you had. And this of course is true on one level — the material one. However, from a multidimensional point of view, this does not take into account a multitude of other factors.

The Many Factors behind Illness and Stress

Deeper factors such as stress or emotional trauma are finally being accepted by even medical professionals as causes for making the body vulnerable to germs, genes, and accidents. These views give you more power and responsibility for your ills. This is a positive direction, because it is all true. But there are even more causal levels for ailments than stress or emotional disruption. In fact, often these are still effects rather than root causes.

In this transmission, we will help you consider the question, モWhy am I ill?ヤ In such consideration, there is much to discover about yourself now and throughout your soulメs existence. Are you ready to go there? We ask, because many do not really want to take responsibility for what ails them. It is, after all, much easier to blame things on something external. You can even ultimately blame your emotions or your stress on your job or your spouse. So we ask if you really want to discover the truth of your aches, pains, disabilities and clumsiness? If you are still reading this, we presume you will at least want to try.