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Focus on What You Have

Focus on What You Have Donna Taylor

February is a very unusual month, as there is no new moon (we had two last month). This lack of opportunity for new beginnings and fresh energies combined with a retrograde Mercury could make this month feel like a drag for some people. However, as with all challenges, there will also be opportunities for positive developments if we know where to look.

The first of those opportunities begins as Mercury stops and heads backward on February 7 through the early degrees of Pisces before heading back through Aquarius. As with any retrograde Mercury transit, this one offers us the opportunity to slow down and turn within. The more we try to operate at breakneck speed, the stronger the likelihood of something going wrong. For the first few days of the month as the planet of communication and commerce is in the languid sign of Pisces, we all benefit from being a little bit more relaxed. This is a good time to practice being mindful, to practice being fully present in whatever task youメre engaged in. Itメs also perfect for meditation and spiritual practices like yoga. Artistic and creative pursuits will be particularly fruitful during the first two weeks.

At this time, it is advisable to practice letting go, perhaps by clearing out our possessions or letting go of emotional baggage. If we can do this, the full moon on February 14 wonメt feel like such a bind. This is a heavy full moon, as it is squared by serious Saturn, which makes it a tough reality moon. This is the point where we have to face facts, and for some people, that might not be pleasant, especially if weメve been burying our heads in the sand about a particular issue. So this could be a period of reaping what weメve sown, both personally and collectively. It may feel like, モOkay, this is what weメve created; letメs deal with it as best we can.ヤ