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Expanding Divine Love into the Present Moment

Expanding Divine Love into the Present Moment Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

My dear colleagues of light, I am Gaia, sister and friend, mother and protector, lover and defender. I am all of these, am I not? And so are you. モHow is that so?ヤ you may ask.

Let me tell you a story. Long ago Earth was fresh with life. The plants and animals were perfect in form and integrity. All creatures upon Earth, including the developing humanoid species, knew their connection to Divine Source. The idea of being separate from that Source did not even exist. It would not be introduced into human consciousness until many, many years later.

Your False Belief in Separation Has Served a Sacred Purpose

Was this lack of connection an accident? No, it was not. You might ask, how can the forgetting of oneメs own worth, of oneメs own connection to Divine Source, be sacred? That is a good question to ask yourselves. How could believing that one is separate from love be sacred? Does not the building of love comprise the highest energies on Earth? How can allowing the idea of being separate from that love do any good? How can that separation be in alignment with the highest purposes of Earth?