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The Evolution of Power

The Evolution of Power Almine

The world around us can only be changed without karmic repercussions if we change it indirectly. If we try to change it directly, we try to force our will onto the ever-changing flow of existence. This is, in the broadest sense, a form of black magic — no matter how well intended we are. There are two types of karmic chains we can wear: The iron chains of good deeds, and the golden chains of good deeds. Good deeds stem from the arrogance of thinking that we can fix life.

Direct and Indirect Methods of Changing Your Environment

Trying to change your circumstances directly is often not very successful. Those who try to master lucid dreaming know that when you try to study an object directly in the dream, you are immediately pulled into another part of the dream. The dream changes from direct focus.

The outcome of scientific experiments change depending on which scientist is doing the experiment. Trying to change something that alters when you focus on it is therefore not effective.