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The Bridge to Your Full Fourth-Dimensional Emergence

The Bridge to Your Full Fourth-Dimensional Emergence Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Greetings, beloved beings! We are Expanded Consciousness, and we flow forth to speak with you in this manner for the specific purpose of assisting you to understand what you have been doing and, more so, to understand the upcoming possibilities with regard to your expanding consciousness and participation within the choices that determine exactly how you will experience who you really are.

The Next Phase of Your Continued Awakening

There come forth on your planet called Earth causes and effects that will surprise you in new and nourishing ways. You have become accustomed to hearing and receiving what is called the モnews,ヤ yet this news is usually about something that is wrong, something horrific that has happened, or something wrong or horrific that is about to happen. And we are here to tell you and remind you that there is much more occurring on your planet and even much more occurring in your own cause and effect.

Firstly, we are most pleased to speak about your personal journey and continued discovery of your true nature. You might wonder how we can speak in this manner about your personal journey. Yet know this to be true: Those who read these words are beings who are awake and aware that their choices and manner of experiencing their journeys all determine how those journeys continue to unfold. You are most amazing beings, and it is for the love of who you are that we flow forth.