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Animal Whisperer: To Spay or Neuter - That Is the Question

Animal Whisperer: To Spay or Neuter - That Is the Question Kim Malonie

Okay, this is a rather touchy subject (no pun intended). Letメs put it this way, folks: We really like being whole, and the thought of being altered in any way, shape, or form sends shivers up our wee spines. However, that being said, in the spring, male animals will often travel great distances and fight vicious battles to mate with a female in heat, or モseason.ヤ

Did you know that when our mating season is in full swing, dogs and cats have been known to travel over eighty miles from their homes, go without food and water for long periods of time, and be gone for up to weeks at a time? Hopefully, male cats have not been declawed, because they may face grave dangers should they need to defend themselves in order to survive in nature.

Keep in mind that altering your pet will keep him or her from roaming too far away in the mating season? (By the way, we like the word モalteringヤ better then モspayingヤ or モneutering,ヤ so weメll just use it in this article.) This process has also been known to decrease the following pet issues: aggression, the practice of marking territories and certain areas inside and outside the home with urine, and running away.