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You Are Endless

You Are Endless Metatron through Lois Noonan

Dear ones, by the time this reaches you, it will be a whole new era — a new millennium! I hope you are relaxing and adapting to the wondrous new vibrations you are experiencing. This message is challenged by so many unknown factors. Are you on planet Earth or elsewhere?

I will not try to paint the new picture, as it is God's will that you make your choices and benefit from your experiences. We want you to understand that there is no right or wrong, no good or bad. You personal path is simply that — yours! What we do want to emphasize is that you are never alone. Souls are choosing a new direction at this time, and it is based on vibrations. You, dear ones, are aware of the millions of souls that are not yet vibrating at your level. Leave them be, as you love them. Nothing in God's plan can be forced. All, yes, all souls will return to the fold when they are ready — by choice. Please accept this and refrain from any negativity in their direction. In the beginning and in the end, all souls will return to God to begin again.

There are no real endings, no "this is it," so stay in an open and accepting mindset. Be willing to live and learn over and over again. You are endless, you are beautiful, you are totally loved, and you have much to offer! Spend a moment each day in silence remembering this. Experiences and challenges come and go, but you are forever. So what is the biggest gift you have to offer from your present vibration? Beautiful souls, you are wondrous indeed — God's gifts. So let it be so! Now you know. As the very young child would say, you've "been told," and God will never let you forget. You are God's gift, God's creation. We repeat: This can never change!