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You’re Invited to the Next Phase of Living

You’re Invited to the Next Phase of Living Divine Mother through Miriandra Rota

This is your Divine Mother. In the darkest of nights, in the earliest of dawns, there comes to you an invitation. In truth, there are two invitations. One is most familiar and invites you to enter those thoughts and concerns that rest on the foundation of fear — fear of loss, fear of security, fear of comfort, fear of not having enough money, and fear of life itself. You recognize these fears, especially since you have long ago emerged from survival and taken the necessary time for introspection to discover a way that will take from you the possibility of returning to the difficulties. The invitation to return to difficulties, my dear children, returns in great strength during this month of February. Yet do not allow my words to activate those old fears and call them forth. I will now speak with you about the second invitation, the one that is most beautiful — as are you.

The second invitation is to actually enter this next phase of living, of celebrating life, and of continuing to discover who you really are. This new phase — and who and how you are within it — is not quite familiar, not as familiar to your inner being as the old difficulties are. The reason for this is simply because this new phase is exactly that — new.

An Invitation to Dare

This new phase presents to you an invitation to dare — to dare to enter into the newness of who you are, to pause and listen to your own inner guidance and inner messages, which will tell you clearly what your next step is, even if your next step is to simply be and to wait.