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True Creativity in the New World That Is Your New Home

True Creativity in the New World That Is Your New Home Merlin through Linda Edge

I tip my hat to you and touch my wand to your forehead, offering a spark that engages the creative mind within you. It is your own creativity, your own desire to make new your self and your world that has opened a gateway into a new environment. Environments are created, which is not to say they are manifested. There is a difference. Creativity ignites a spark that both dissolves something and births something new. The two happen simultaneously — the letting go of the old and the crossing into the new. You — the collective you — have now created a new environment, a new world.

Manifestion and Creativity from a New Platform

Manifesting is bringing about something within an enviroment that already is. Every environment is governed by energies, rules, and laws — both manmade and divine. An environment allows only so much of such and so to come forth. On the other hand, creativity allows a brand-new platform — environment — to precede and support the manifestation or the concretization of ideas.

Creativity eradicates that which was — a worn out environment — in favor of that which can be — a fresh environment — in order to bring forward that which supports what you have not yet experienced. In other words, one can manifest in an old world many variations on a theme, if you will. But true creativity brings forward a new world with a new theme — a new stanza of life, a new spiral on the eternal flower of life. Once this platform has been created, manifestation begins anew.