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Spreading Higher Truths

Spreading Higher Truths El Morya through Sharon Taphorn

Channel's Note: El Morya is the ascended master who works closely with Archangel Michael and is the ascended master of the first ray, along with Michael. He offers us strength, courage, and the knowledge that we are protected. He helps us to work with our own energy fields and is a master teacher here to assist us in ensuring we are meeting our basic needs and basic level of spiritual practice. Any area that you relate to with Archangel Michael is an area of expertise with El Morya as well. He was a master on Earth and sought to make great change in the injustices of his world. As a Kashmir prince, he was able to see his changes implemented, and he continues his work from the other side to assist all of humanity through these shifting and awakening times. He became known as a spiritual master of the New Age movement through the Theosophical Society, and many have since brought forth messages of love and support from him. He has a wonderful energy filled with love and support. I encourage you to spend at least a week or two working with this beloved master. Gemstones to help you connect with El Morya are diamond, sapphire, star sapphire, and lapis lazuli. He helps us speak our truth and come from the perspective of higher wisdom and compassion.

El Morya is Chohan of the First Ray — Archangel Michael's Ray, the blue ray of power, goodwill, and faith. He also exemplifies the blue-ray qualities of leadership, proper use of power and speech, and ultimate surrender to the divine will. He can assist all students who desire to embody these virtues. He helps us master the throat chakra and receive the gift of the words of wisdom and faith in the divine will for the good of all.

The Connection Will Come

Allow me to merge with your light and become one. Allow that energy to be the recognition of my energy and intent to share with you and be a part of you. Since we are all really part of the One, we are truly part of each other anyway. When you blend with another master or angel, it should always feel good and have the remembrance of home, and you know this energy well and carry it within you. If you feel anything less than a melting of love, release it. Ask that I or Archangel Michael come and sweep away the energy around you and begin again. Do not be hard on yourself if at first you do not feel the connection — you will. You must always keep yourself open to the possibilities, because the connection will come.